Willian makes lawful move over fake letter offering him to European clubs


Willian demanded he will make legitimate move over a “produced” letter which has circled in the “football showcase”, asserting to have conceded him authorization to look for a move far from Chelsea.

The Brazil worldwide has thought about to internet based life to literally set the story straight, and affirmed he has taught his legal counselors to act over the bogus utilization of his mark.

Willian transferred a picture of the letter being referred to his own Instagram account, before clarifying its clear nature and offering a total reply.

“In the ongoing days I have been educated that a ‘letter of approval for player operator FIFA’, purportedly marked in my name has been circled through the football advertise,” said Willian.

“In such letter, Mr. Denirobson Dias would concede an approval to Mr. Renee Pinheiro Anunciação to speak to me until 15 August 2018, all through football clubs in the United Kingdom and France.

In the recent days I have been informed that a “letter of authorization for player agent FIFA”, allegedly signed in my name has been circulated through the football market. In such letter, Mr. Denirobson Dias would grant an authorization to Mr. Renee Pinheiro Anunciação to represent me until 15 August 2018, throughout football clubs in the United Kingdom and France. I would like to clarify that I never signed such letter, the content of which I completely deny. Finally, since there seem to be clear evidence that my signature has been forged, or anyway misused, I hereby inform that my lawyers are already instructed to proceed with all appropriate legal measures before any competent courts or authorities. I hope I have clarified the matter and any possible misunderstanding. Willian Borges da Silva Nos últimos dias fui informado de que uma “carta de autorização para agente de jogadores FIFA”, supostamente assinada por mim, está circulando pelo mercado do futebol. Na referida carta, o Sr. Denirobson Dias concede uma autorização ao Sr. Renee Pinheiro Anunciação para me representar até 15 de agosto de 2018, perante os clubes do Reino Unido e França. Gostaria de esclarecer que nunca assinei tal carta, cujo conteúdo nego completamente. Finalmente, uma vez que parece haver provas claras de que a minha assinatura foi falsificada, ou de qualquer forma mal utilizada, informo que meus advogados já estão instruídos a proceder com todas as medidas legais cabíveis perante quaisquer tribunais ou autoridades competentes. Espero ter esclarecido o assunto e qualquer possível mal-entendido. Willian Borges da Silva

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