Paulo Dybala: Ronaldo, Messi Beyond Normal Humans


Argentina forward, Paulo Dybala has extols fellow Juventus teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo and countryman, Lionel Messi as ‘extraordinary’ players.

Dybala is one of the few players who has played alongside the five-time Ballon d’Or winners at club and country.

The 24-year-old considers both Ronaldo and Messi as ‘beyond normal’ and desires to be the best among the ‘humans’

Messi and Ronaldo should see their level fall, due to their age, but they keep doing extraordinary things,” he said to La Gazzetta dello Sport in an interview.

“They are beyond normal and my objective is to be the best of the ‘humans,'” he added.

Argentina teammates, Paulo Dybala and Lionel Messi

He further speaks of Ronaldo’s simplicity and humanity

“The thing that amazed me most is his simplicity. If you see him on social media or TV you get a different idea, in reality, he is like all of us.

“He is very good at it and is 100% focused on every training session, but he is very quiet.

“He jokes and treats everyone the same way. He teases Cancelo for his language, says that he already speaks better Italian than him. He also started drinking mate like us South Americans.”


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