Mugabe’s Famous Quotes, Controversial or True?


Robert Mugabe’s legacies are for the political pundits to pounce on. Hate him or love him, the late Zimbabwean president was a fighter who created some serious conversations from his famous quotes. Some controversial, others hilarious but factual. You be the judge. Here are 18 of his quotes. 

The only white man you can trust is a dead white man.

Was it not enough punishment and suffering in history that we were uprooted and made helpless slaves not only in new colonial outposts but also domestically.

I am still the Hitler of the time. This Hitler has only one objective: justice for his people, sovereignty for his people, recognition of the independence of his people and their rights over their resources. If that is Hitler, then let me be Hitler tenfold. Ten times, that is what we stand for.

He had some dazzling moments with foreign Journalists too;

Journalist: Sir, don’t you think 89 years would be a great time to retire as a President?

Mugabe: Have you ever asked the Queen this question or is it just for African leaders?

Interviewer: Mr President, when are you bidding the people of Zimbabwe farewell?

Robert: Where are they going?

He’s got advise for young folks too;

Don’t fight even over girlfriends. The country is full of beautiful women. If you can’t get one, come to Mugabe for assistance.

We are living in a generation where people “in love” are free to touch each others’ private parts but cannot touch each others’ phones because they’re “private”.

Dating a girl who is not educated is Ok until you tell her “goodnight babe and sweet dreams,” then she replies “thanks my love and may your soul rest in peace” My Brother you will not find even the tiniest of sleep that night at all.

We have said we will never collapse, never ever. We may have our droughts, our poverty, but as a people, we shall never collapse, never ever.

Mugabe on Racism;

Racism will never end as long as white cars are still using black tires; If people still use black color for bad luck and white for peace; If people still wear white clothes to weddings and black clothes to funerals; As long as those who don’t pay their bills are blacklisted and not ‘whitelisted.’ But I don’t care as long as I still use the white tissue paper to wipe my ass! With that only, I will always be very fine.

Mugabe’s remarks on Homosexuality;

A smelling vagina is still far better than the neatest anus, let’s call a spade a spade, homosexuality is a big NO for Africa.

If President Barack Obama wants me to allow marriage for same-sex couples in my country (Zimbabwe), he must come here so that I marry him first.

On Xenophobia By South Africans;

South Africans will kick down a statue of a dead white man but won’t even attempt to slap a live one. Yet they can stone to death a black man simply because he’s a foreigner.

It’s only in South Africa that an illiterate villager thinks the medical doctor from an African country is the reason for his unemployment.

His Love for his people was never in doubt, even in the face of sanctions;

The white man is not indigenous to Africa. Africa is for Africans. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans.

We have fought for our land, we have fought for our sovereignty, small as we are we have won our independence and we are prepared to shed our blood… So, Blair, keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe.

If the choice were made, one for us to lose our sovereignty and become a member of the Commonwealth or remain with our sovereignty and lose the membership of the Commonwealth, I would say let the Commonwealth go.

At the 2017 UN General Assembly, he said of US President, Donald Trump,

“Some of us were embarrassed by what appeared to be the return of the biblical, giant gold goliath who threatens the extinction of other countries. Mr Trump, please blow your trumpet. Although, blow your trumpet in a musical way. Towards the values


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