Basic Serving Tips In Tennis


A tennis serve is a weapon just when the system is right. At the point when the serve system isn’t right, at that point the serve is regularly more a risk than an advantage.

With the end goal to learn right tennis serve method, basic serving tips won’t get you there.

Steps to note in the training video below:

Step 1: The Stance
Step 2: The Grip
Step 3: The Hitting Part – Loose Drop, Swing Up And Pronation
Step 4: Backswing & Toss
Step 5: Serve In Two Parts
Step 6: The Power Move
Step 7: Serve With The Follow-Through


A tennis serve is the most difficult stroke to ace.

Here are only a portion of the key reasons:

A loose and free method for quickening the racquet gives you more power than straining your body and arm and hitting the ball “hard” despite the fact that the last methodology appears to bode well at first look.

There are two swing ways of the racquet where we progress into pronation just before contact as opposed to the one straight swing way with no pronation that we frequently see as we take a gander at serves of expert tennis players.

We get more power by decelerating the body before contact than if we continue pivoting our body through contact, which is an unreasonable activity.

We should swing up towards the ball rather than down, despite the fact that the objective is down in connection to the ball ‒ which again doesn’t bode well at first.

We swing the racquet at first the other way than toward the objective, and this distinction is significantly greater with regards to topspin and cut serves.


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