800m Olympic champion Caster Semenya is a woman


South African 800m Olympic hero Caster Semenya on Thursday said she was “verifiably a lady”, after the IAAF denied reports that it would contend that she ought to be delegated an organic male.

Semenya, 28, issued the announcement in front of a milestone hearing at the Court of Arbitration (CAS) one week from now that will test a proposed standard by the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) planning to limit testosterone levels in female sprinters.

“Ms Semenya is verifiably a lady. She is a courageous woman and a motivation to numerous around the globe,” her legal counselors said in an announcement.

“She asks that she be regarded and treated as some other competitor.”

The tenets would compel purported “hyperandrogenic” competitors or those with “contrasts of sexual advancement” (DSD) to keep testosterone levels beneath an endorsed sum.

The principles were to have been founded in November 2018 yet have been put on ice pending one week from now’s hearings.

Overpowering help for star competitor

Upheld by the South African Athletics Federation, the two-time Olympic boss in the 800m (2012, 2016) and three-time best on the planet (2009, 2011, 2017) has impugned the proposition.

“I simply need to run normally, the way I was conceived. It isn’t reasonable that I am revealed to I should change. It isn’t reasonable that individuals question my identity,” she has said already.

“She anticipates reacting to the IAAF at the up and coming CAS hearing,” Semenya’s legitimate group stated, including that “her hereditary blessing ought to be commended, not victimized”.

Caster Semenya: What the IAAF says about DSD competitors

Just as Semenya, the silver and bronze medallists of the 800m at the Rio Olympics, Francine Niyonsaba of Burundi and Kenya’s Margaret Wambui, have likewise confronted inquiries concerning their testosterone levels.

“The IAAF isn’t grouping any DSD competitor as male,” the IAAF said in an announcement.

“To safeguard reasonable challenge in the female class, it is important to require DSD competitors to lessen their testosterone down to female dimensions.”


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